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New Astrological Signs For You And Your Friends? Find Out!The Huffington Post Craig Kanalley First Posted: 01/14/11 07:38 AM Updated: 01/14/11 10:45 AM What's Your Reaction?diggfacebook stumble reddit Inspiring Enlightening Crazy Scary Helpful Amazing Innovative ImportantRead More: Astrological Signs, Horoscope Signs, Horoscopes, New Astrological Signs, New Zodiac Sign Dates, New Zodiac Signs, New Zodiac Signs 2011, Zodiac Signs, Living Newsshare this story Get Living Alerts Email Comments 12Are you who you think you are? Maybe not, according to a new version of astrological signs.The Internet is abuzz this week about the claim that most of us have ASTROLOGY SIGNS HAVE CHANGED!Here are the new signs of your friends on Facebook:Log in to facebook to see new signs for your friends! ...


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