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���So your employer recently told you that you no longer will be working for their company.� You may be wondering how you will pay your bills now.� In most cases, you have the right to collect unemployment.� State unemployment benefits are available to displaced workers who are out of work through no fault of their own.Are you eligible for unemployment?If your job being eliminated due to workforce reduction, then the answer is a definite yes.� If you voluntarily quit just because you didn't like the job, you will most likely be denied benefits.What about if you are fired? It depends on the reason.� If you tried your best at your job, and got fired because of performance issues, or that the job was not a good fit, you should be able to collect unemployment.� If you got fired due to breaking company policy or theft, you will most likely be denied.When should I file for unemployment?File for unemployment benefits as soon as you can! Don't wait.� When you file your initial claim for unemployment, your first week is unpaid.� This is called a "waiting week".� If it has been several weeks since your job ended, you can still apply for benefits.The application processWhen you initially apply for unemployment, have the names and addresses of the companies you worked for in the last year, and have the dates that you worked available.� In Arizona, go to to fill out the application.The application process is actually pretty quick.� They will ask you about your employment history and ask you why your last job ended.� If you were discharged for any reason other than a workforce reduction, you will be asked to give a brief explanation.After your application is completed, you will need to file a weekly claim the following week.� You will do this every week until you find full time employment.� You can file your claim as soon as Sunday morning at 12:00am.� To file your weekly claim in Phoenix, either visit again, or call 602-417-3800.� You will be asked a series of questions.� To check to see whether you were approved for benefits and paid, go back to the same website, or call the same number after 7:00am the following business day.� If you choose to get paid on a debit card issued to you and were issued payment, you will have your money in one to two days from the time you filed your weekly claim.A few days after you file your initial claim, the Arizona Department of Economic Security will send you a form to sign.� This basically tells them that you agree to their terms.� Make sure that you sign this form as soon as possible and mail it back to them.� If you don't return the form in a timely manner, your payments will stop until they have your paperwork.Make sure to keep a record of your job searches, job applications, and job interviews.� If you applied to a company online, you will usually get an automated email from them.� It rarely happens, but the Arizona Department of Economic Security may inquire about your job searches.� Make sure you are prepared.If you aren't working right now, this is an excellent time for you to prepare for a new career.� Consider going back to college, going to a trade school, or starting your own business.� Read my article "How to prepare for launching a home-based business" for ideas on how to generate income from home.���

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