Cadet Kelly

TV Movies: Aug.

9-15MOVIE RATINGS = Poor = Fair = Good = ExcellentG = General audiences PG = Parental Guidance PG-13 = Not recommended for preteens R = Restricted audienceCC = Closed captioned for hearing impairedALPHABETICAL LISTINGA� Abducted: A Father's Love '96.

Chris Noth.

An "Underground Mothers" movement helps hide a man who took his baby daughter from his neglectful estranged wife.

(2:00) LIFE: Sat.

11 A.M.

(CC)� Ace Ventura: Pet Detective '94.

Jim Carrey.

A bungling gumshoe uncovers more than just a simple kidnapping when he searches for the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot.

(PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Fri.

12:40 A.M., Sat.

4:30 P.M.

(CC)� Across the Universe '07.

Evan Rachel Wood.

Two lovers become entangled in 1960s counterculture.

(PG-13) (2:20) STZ: Tue.

12:10 P.M.

(CC)� The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother '75.

Gene Wilder.

The renowned detective's sibling becomes involved with foreign spies, Professor Moriarty and a damsel in distress.

(PG) (2:00) AMC: Thu.

5 A.M.� The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle '00.

Voices of Rene Russo.

Live action/animated.

A flying squirrel and a moose confront their adversaries Boris and Natasha.

(PG) (1:35) STZ: Fri.

8:30 A.M.

(CC)� An Affair to Remember '57.

Cary Grant.

Engaged to others, two cruise-ship passengers plan to reunite six months later atop the Empire State Building.

(NR) (2:15) TCM: Sat.

8 P.M.� A.I.: Artificial Intelligence '01.

Haley Joel Osment.

In the future a cutting-edge android in the form of a boy embarks on a journey to discover its true nature.

(PG-13) (2:30) HBO: Mon.

8 A.M., 5:30 P.M., Fri.

12:30 P.M.

(CC)� Air Force One '97.

Harrison Ford.

Demanding the release of a political prisoner, a terrorist and his gang hijack the U.S.

president's plane.

(R) (2:30) TBS: Sat.

3 A.M.

(CC)� Airport '70.

Burt Lancaster.

A snowstorm, a mired plane, an elderly stowaway and the bombing of a passenger jet plague an airport manager.

(G) (3:00) AMC: Sat.

3 A.M.

(CC)� Aladdin '92.

Voices of Scott Weinger.


Disney's version of a tale about an Arabian thief who finds a magic lamp and tries to win a princess's heart.

(G) (1:40) ABCFAM: Sat.

6 P.M., DIS: Mon.

8 P.M., Tue.

noon (CC)� Ali '01.

Will Smith.

Muhammad Ali battles Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman and raises controversy outside the ring.

(R) (2:40) MAX: Thu.

8:05 A.M.

(CC)� Ali G Indahouse '02.

Sacha Baron Cohen.

A crusading gangster becomes a member of Parliament.

(R) (2:00) MTV: Fri.

10 P.M., midnight.� Alien Agent '07.

Mark Dacascos.

An intergalactic warrior must stop a gang of ruthless aliens from invading Earth.

(R) (2:00) SYFY: Sat.

1 A.M.

(CC)� All the Right Moves '83.

Tom Cruise.

A talented young football player hopes for a scholarship.

(R) (1:40) ENC: Mon.

6:20 P.M.

(CC)� Alvin and the Chipmunks '07.

Jason Lee.

Three musical but mischievous chipmunks wreak havoc in a songwriter's life.

(PG) (1:45) HBO: Tue.

2 P.M., Sat.

8 A.M., 6:15 P.M.

(CC)� Amazon Women on the Moon '87.

Rosanna Arquette.

Five directors contributed to this scattershot collection of skits poking fun at everything from dating to TV.

(R) (1:25) MAX: Fri.

3:35 A.M.

(CC)� An American Crime '07.

Catherine Keener.

In 1960s Indiana a bitter, divorced woman vents her frustrations by torturing a girl left in her care by itinerant parents.

(R) (1:40) TMC: Sun.

11 P.M.� American Drug War: The Last White Hope '07.

Government agents, judges, politicians and others discuss the long battle to keep illegal drugs out of the United States.

(NR) (2:00) SHO: Wed.

1:30 A.M.� The American President '95.

Michael Douglas.

A political rival turns the widowed president's romance with an environmental lobbyist into an election-year issue.

(PG-13) (2:00) MAX: Fri.

2:30 P.M.

(CC)� American Soldiers: A Day in Iraq '05.

Curtis Morgan.

Fedayeen fighters engage U.S.

forces in a deadly, sustained battle in Iraq.

(R) (1:45) TMC: Wed.

2:45 A.M.

(CC)� An American Werewolf in Paris '97.

Tom Everett Scott.

A young American meets a lovely lycanthrope while in Paris.

(R) (1:50) STZ: Sun.

12:20 P.M.

(CC)� Angela's Ashes '99.

Emily Watson.

An impoverished family decides to return to Ireland from 1935 America, but things get worse instead of better.

(R) (2:30) SHO: Thu.

3:30 P.M.� Another Cinderella Story '08.

Selena Gomez.

A young man longs to reunite with a beautiful dancer that he met at a masked ball.

(PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun.

10 P.M.

(CC)� Another Country '84.

Rupert Everett.

A treasonous upper-class Englishman defects to Russia.

(PG) (1:30) TMC: Mon.

4:30 A.M., Sat.

7:05 A.M.� Appaloosa '08.

Ed Harris.

The arrival of an attractive widow complicates the attempts of two lawmen to bring a malevolent rancher to justice.

(R) (2:00) HBO: Sun.

1 A.M., Fri.

8 P.M.

(CC)� Armageddon '98.

Bruce Willis.

A NASA rep recruits an oil driller and his team of mavericks to save Earth from an oncoming asteroid.

(PG-13) (2:40) ENC: Fri.

4:50 A.M., Sat.

10 P.M.

(CC)� The Art of War '00.

Wesley Snipes.

Underground after being accused of murdering a Chinese ambassador, a security expert comes out of hiding when terrorists threaten the United Nations.

(R) (2:00) HBO: Mon.

1:55 A.M.

(CC)� The Avengers '98.

Ralph Fiennes.

British agents John Steed and Emma Peel confront a villain planning world domination with a weather machine.

(PG-13) (2:00) TCM: Sat.

10:30 A.M.� Awake '07.

Hayden Christensen.

A young man who is undergoing surgery experiences anesthesia awareness, which leaves him alert but paralyzed and unable to warn his doctors.

(R) (1:30) SHO: Wed.

11:30 A.M.� The Awful Truth '37.

Irene Dunne.

Spouses try to spoil each other's chances for romance before their divorce becomes final in 90 days.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Sun.

10:45 A.M.

(CC)B� The Babe '92.

John Goodman.

Abandoned as a boy, George Herman Ruth grows up to be a larger-than-life baseball hero.

(PG) (2:00) HBO: Mon.

6 A.M.

(CC)� Babylon A.D.


Vin Diesel.

A post-apocalyptic mercenary guards a nun and her young charge, who may be mankind's last hope for survival.

(PG-13) (1:30) HBO: Sun.

2:30 P.M., Thu.

3:30 P.M.

(CC)� The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer '47.

Cary Grant.

A judge orders a playboy to date her infatuated teenage sister to cure the girl's crush on him.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Sun.

12:30 P.M.

(CC)� Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation '08.

Josh Cooke.

An engaged man and his buddies indulge in alcohol and strippers during a wild weekend in Miami.

(R) (2:00) COMEDY: Thu.

4:30 P.M., Fri.

10 A.M.

(CC)� Back in the Day '04.

Ja Rule.

A young man slides back into a life of crime after reuniting with a shady acquaintance from his past.

(R) (1:55) TMC: Tue.

11:35 P.M., Sat.

12:15 P.M.� Back to School '86.

Rodney Dangerfield.

An earthy self-made man divorces his no-good wife and buys his way into his son's college.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Sat.

8:15 P.M.

(CC)� The Bad and the Beautiful '52.

Lana Turner.

A ruthless producer uses Hollywood hopefuls as stepping stones to the top of the Tinseltown heap.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Thu.

6 P.M.

(CC)� Bad Boys '95.

Martin Lawrence.

Undercover Miami detectives switch lives while investigating murders linked to stolen heroin.

(R) (2:00) ENC: Mon.

12:30 P.M., 8 P.M., 2:45 A.M., Sat.

8 P.M.

(CC)� Bad Company '02.

Anthony Hopkins.

A veteran CIA agent transforms a street-wise punk into a spy in order to replace his murdered twin.

(PG-13) (2:00) BET: Fri.

8 P.M.� Ballistic: Ecks vs.

Sever '02.

Antonio Banderas.

A former FBI agent plays cat-and-mouse games with a deadly and elusive woman after she kidnaps a child.

(R) (1:35) MAX: Sat.

4 A.M.

(CC)� Balls of Fury '07.

Dan Fogler.

A disgraced pingpong player bounces back to go under cover for the government and bring a notorious crime lord to justice.

(PG-13) (1:30) MAX: Tue.

10 P.M.

(CC)� BASEketball '98.

Trey Parker.

Two men invent a successful sport and then try to keep a crass businessman from gaining control of it.

(R) (1:45) HBO: Thu.

1 A.M.

(CC)� Basic '03.

John Travolta.

A DEA agent investigates the disappearance of a fearsome sergeant and his Special Forces trainees.

(R) (2:00) SPIKE: Fri.

9 P.M., 2 A.M.� Batman & Robin '97.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Batgirl joins the caped crusaders to stop Mr.

Freeze and Poison Ivy from wreaking revenge upon the world.

(PG-13) (2:15) STZ: Sat.

3:45 A.M.

(CC)� Batman Begins '05.

Christian Bale.

Bruce Wayne becomes Gotham City's Dark Knight.

(PG-13) (3:00) AMC: Wed.

10 P.M.

(CC)� Be Cool '05.

John Travolta.

Chili Palmer runs afoul of music-industry players when he teams up with a friend's widow to produce a singer's debut album.

(PG-13) (2:30) AMC: Tue.

10 P.M., Wed.

8 A.M.

(CC)� Beowulf '07.

Voices of Ray Winstone.


A warrior battles a ferocious demon and its evil but seductive mother.

(PG-13) (2:00) SHO: Wed.

1 P.M., Sat.

11:45 A.M.� Bernard and Doris '08.

Susan Sarandon.

Tobacco heiress Doris Duke develops an unlikely friendship with her butler, Bernard Lafferty.

(NR) (1:45) HBO: Wed.

3:15 P.M.

(CC)� Betrayed '54.

Clark Gable.

A Dutch intelligence officer trains a shady woman for the underground, then thinks she's a Nazi spy.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Wed.

1 P.M.

(CC)� Beverly Hills Cop II '87.

Eddie Murphy.

A clever detective from Detroit shows Los Angeles how to stop a hit woman's so-called Alphabet Crimes.

(R) (2:00) COMEDY: Sat.

1:30 P.M.

(CC)� Beverly Hills Ninja '97.

Chris Farley.

A ninja watches out for his portly adopted brother, hired to track a mystery woman's beau in Southern California.

(PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Thu.

3:10 A.M.

(CC)� Beyond the Gates '05.

John Hurt.

A priest and a teacher get caught up in the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

(R) (2:00) TMC: Sun.

noon, 7 P.M., Fri.

6:05 P.M.� Big '88.

Tom Hanks.

A wishing machine turns a boy into a 35-year-old man with a fun job and a girlfriend.

(PG) (1:45) HBO: Sun.

6:30 A.M., Wed.

6 A.M.

(CC)� The Big Heat '53.

Glenn Ford.

A gun moll helps a detective find the gangsters who killed his wife.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu.

9:45 P.M.� The Big Hit '98.

Mark Wahlberg.

The kidnapping of a millionaire's daughter turns bad for an insecure hit man and his partner.

(R) (2:00) FX: Sun.

10 A.M., Mon.

8 A.M.� Big Nothing '06.

Simon Pegg.

An unemployed teacher with a chip on his shoulder teams with a scammer and his girlfriend in a blackmailing scheme.

(R) (1:30) SHO: Fri.

12:30 P.M.

(CC)� The Bikini Shop '86.

Michael David Wright.

An MBA and his beach-bum brother gladly inherit their aunt's boardwalk bikini shop.

(R) (1:40) TMC: Fri.

11:30 P.M.� Bitten '07.

Jason Mewes.

A man meets a seductive woman who is a vampire from the 1800s.

(R) (2:00) SYFY: Sun.

3 A.M.

(CC)� Black Hawk Down '01.

Josh Hartnett.


soldiers take heavy fire while trying to capture a warlord's associates in Mogadishu, Somalia.

(R) (3:00) FX: Thu.

8 P.M., 11 P.M.� Black Irish '06.

Brendan Gleeson.

A teen tries to keep his life together while his parents wallow in an unhappy marriage and his brother tries to lure him into criminal behavior.

(R) (1:35) TMC: Mon.

11:40 P.M.� Black Mask '96.

Jet Li.

Disguised as a mild-mannered librarian, a kung fu master strikes against Hong Kong villains bidding for power.

(R) (2:00) FX: Sun.

2 P.M.� The Black Widow '05.

Giada Colagrande.

A woman hires a caretaker to stay with her in her scary abode.

(PG-13) (1:45) SHO: Thu.

3:30 A.M.

(CC)� Blade Runner '82.

Harrison Ford.

A specialized detective in 2019 Los Angeles receives an order to terminate obsolete android slaves.

(R) (2:30) SYFY: Sat.

11:30 A.M.� Blazing Saddles '74.

Cleavon Little.

Gucci-saddlebagged Sheriff Bart teams up with the drunken Waco Kid.

(R) (2:15) CMT: Tue.

9 P.M., 11:15 P.M.� Blindness '08.

Julianne Moore.

A doctor's wife is one of the only individuals immune to a strange epidemic that causes people to lose their eyesight.

(R) (2:05) STZ: Thu.

2:40 A.M.

(CC)� Blonde Fever '44.

Mary Astor.

A conniving young waitress catches the eye and heart of a married restaurateur.

(NR) (1:15) TCM: Thu.

6 A.M.� Blood of Dracula '57.

Sandra Harrison.

A chemistry teacher's experiments with a Transylvanian amulet transform a student into a vampire.

(NR) (1:30) AMC: Fri.

5:45 A.M.

(CC)� Blood on the Arrow '64.

Dale Robertson.

An outlaw survives an Indian raid and rescues a couple's son taken captive.

(NR) (2:00) AMC: Sat.

7:15 A.M.

(CC)� Blown Away '94.

Jeff Bridges.

An Irish explosives expert targets an old foe and his family living in Boston.

(R) (2:30) AMC: Thu.

10:30 A.M.

(CC)� The Blue Lamp '50.

Jack Warner.

Scotland Yard hunts an officer's killers in the midst of Britain's post-World War II crime wave.

(NR) (1:30) TCM: Mon.

8 P.M.� The Blues Brothers '80.

John Belushi.

Two musicians reassemble their hot band for a fundraiser.

(R) (2:15) ENC: Wed.

2:20 P.M., 10:15 P.M.

(CC)� The Bone Collector '99.

Denzel Washington.

A quadriplegic detective and a patrol cop try to catch a killer re-creating grisly crimes.

(R) (2:30) AMC: Sat.

8 P.M.

(CC)� Bound by Lies '05.

Stephen Baldwin.

A detective starts an affair with a mysterious photographer while investigating a series of murders.

(R) (1:25) TMC: Sun.

4:10 A.M.� The Bourne Ultimatum '07.

Matt Damon.

Jason Bourne continues to look for clues to unravel his true identity.

(PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Thu.

10:30 A.M.

(CC)� The Boy in the Striped Pajamas '08.

David Thewlis.

A Jewish boy and the son of a concentration camp commander are friends despite a separating fence.

(PG-13) (1:40) STZ: Thu.

7:45 A.M.

(CC)� Boy Interrupted '09.

Filmmaker Dana Perry documents the life of her son Evan, a 15-year-old who committed suicide.

(NR) (1:30) HBO: Sun.

4 P.M., Tue.

7:15 P.M., Sat.

10:30 A.M.

(CC)� Boyz N the Hood '91.

Larry Fishburne.

Three boys become men, one guided by his father, in their racially divided Los Angeles neighborhood.

(R) (2:00) BET: Thu.

8 P.M.� Bratz '07.

Nathalia Ramos.

Four lifelong best friends face new challenges when they enter high school.

(PG) (1:45) TMC: Tue.

1:05 P.M.� Bravo Two Zero '98.

Sean Bean.

Eight British commandos fight for their lives after they are trapped behind enemy lines during the Gulf War.

(R) (2:05) TMC: Tue.

11 A.M.� Break a Leg '03.

John Cassini.

Unable to land good roles, a frustrated actor decides to sabotage his competitors.

(R) (1:40) TMC: Wed.

11:05 A.M.� Bridget Jones's Diary '01.

Ren??e Zellweger.

An outrageous British woman decides to take control of her life, but instead falls for two very different men.

(R) (1:45) STZ: Mon.

2:30 P.M., 11 P.M.

(CC)� Bring It On '00.

Kirsten Dunst.

An urban cheerleading squad accuses a champion team's captain of stealing its choreography on the eve of a national competition.

(PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Tue.

2:50 P.M., 11:50 P.M., Wed.

7 A.M.

(CC)� Bring It On Again '04.

Anne Judson-Yager.

Two college cheerleaders form their own squad and prepare to compete against the varsity team.

(PG-13) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun.

noon (CC)� Bring It On: In It to Win It '07.

Ashley Benson.

A high-school senior falls for a fellow cheerleader, not realizing that he is on a rival squad.

(PG-13) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun.

2 P.M.

(CC)� Bringing Out the Dead '99.

Nicolas Cage.

After too many years on the job, an EMS paramedic begins an emotional descent during 56-hour tour.

(R) (2:10) TMC: Thu.

1:05 A.M.� Broadcast News '87.

William Hurt.

A reporter, a producer and an anchorman form a triangle in a TV-network news bureau.

(R) (3:00) AMC: Tue.

3 A.M.

(CC)� Broken Arrow '96.

John Travolta.

An Air Force pilot matches wits with a renegade colleague who is threatening to detonate a pair of nuclear warheads.

(R) (1:55) STZ: Wed.

3:05 P.M.

(CC)� Brother John '71.

Sidney Poitier.

An angel is seen by some as a troublemaker after returning to his mixed-up Alabama hometown.

(PG-13) (2:00) TCM: Fri.

4 A.M.� Buck and the Preacher '72.

Sidney Poitier.

A wagonmaster and a con-man preacher help freed slaves dogged by cheap-labor agents out West.

(GP) (2:00) TCM: Fri.

midnight.� The Buddy System '84.

Richard Dreyfuss.

A writer finds romance with the single mother of a boy he met while working as a school security guard.

(PG) (2:30) AMC: Mon.

3:30 A.M., Tue.

7:45 A.M.

(CC)� Bulletproof '96.

Damon Wayans.

A mobster's goons pursue a fugitive underling turning state's evidence to an undercover policeman he once shot.

(R) (1:25) MAX: Tue.

4:15 A.M.

(CC)� Bulletproof Monk '03.

Chow Yun-Fat.

A martial-arts master finds an unlikely prot??g?? to take over the responsibility of protecting an ancient scroll.

(PG-13) (2:30) FX: Thu.

5:30 P.M.� Busty Cops: Protect and Serve! '09.

Nikki Nova.

Sexy policewomen maintain law and order while investigating a train robbery.

(NR) (1:20) MAX: Wed.

11:50 P.M.

(CC)� Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid '69.

Paul Newman.

When a persistent posse threatens two outlaws' romp through Wyoming, they decide to take their act to Bolivia.

(PG) (2:30) AMC: Sun.

8 A.M.

(CC)C� Caddyshack '80.

Chevy Chase.

Oddballs and gophers undermine a country-club caddy out to win a college scholarship.

(R) (2:00) AMC: Thu.

1 A.M., Fri.

1 P.M.

(CC)� Cadet Kelly '02.

Hilary Duff.

A new cadet at a military academy must prove that she is stronger than the upperclassman who wants to break her.

(2:00) DIS: Tue.

8 P.M., Wed.

noon (CC)� Canadian Bacon '95.

Alan Alda.

Political spin doctors concoct war with Canada to boost an American president's sagging approval ratings.

(PG) (1:35) MAX: Wed.

8 A.M.

(CC)� Cannonball Run II '84.

Burt Reynolds.


McClure, his mechanic and other veteran competitors enter another cross-country auto race.

(PG) (2:30) CMT: Sun.

5:45 P.M., 11 P.M., Mon.

9 P.M., 11:30 P.M.� Canvas '06.

Joe Pantoliano.

With his wife in a psychiatric hospital, a man quits his job and builds a sailboat in his driveway.

(PG-13) (1:45) TMC: Wed.

6:15 P.M.� Careless '07.

Colin Hanks.

With help from his father and his best friend, a man scours Los Angeles to find the rightful owner of a severed finger.

(R) (1:30) TMC: Mon.

12:40 P.M., Thu.

4:50 P.M.� Carolina '03.

Julia Stiles.

A novelist and a well-to-do man vie for the affections of a young woman who has a meddling grandmother.

(PG-13) (1:45) SHO: Sat.

8 A.M.� Chandler '71.

Warren Oates.

A private eye is set up for murder when he accepts an assignment to guard a state's witness.

(GP) (1:30) TCM: Thu.

4:30 A.M.� Chapter 27 '07.

Jared Leto.

Mark David Chapman arrives in New York on a mission to kill John Lennon.

(R) (1:30) TMC: Tue.

6:30 P.M., Sat.

4 P.M.

(CC)� The Children's Hour '61.

Audrey Hepburn.

Based on Lillian Hellman's play about the effect of a student's malicious lie at an exclusive boarding school.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Tue.

10 A.M.

(CC)� China Seas '35.

Clark Gable.

Pirates searching for a gold shipment on a passenger ship must contend with the steamer's valiant captain.

(NR) (1:30) TCM: Wed.

9:45 A.M.

(CC)� The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian '08.

Georgie Henley.

The Pevensie children return to Narnia, where 1300 years have passed, to help a prince overthrow his evil uncle and restore peace to the land.

(PG) (2:40) STZ: Sun.

4:20 P.M., Tue.

9:35 A.M., 6:25 P.M., 4:50 A.M.

(CC)� A Cinderella Story '04.

Hilary Duff.

A teenager with a wicked stepmother develops an online relationship with a popular high-school quarterback.

(PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sun.

8 P.M.

(CC)� City Hall '96.

Al Pacino.

The New York mayor and his idealistic deputy cope with scandal generated by a policeman's accidental shooting of a black boy.

(R) (1:55) MAX: Tue.

10:35 A.M.

(CC)� City of Ember '08.

Saoirse Ronan.

Two teens must find the secret of their underground city's existence before its light dies forever.

(PG) (1:45) HBO: Tue.

6:30 A.M., Sat.

1:45 P.M.

(CC)� Clear and Present Danger '94.

Harrison Ford.

An acting CIA chief learns the president has triggered a war with Colombian drug cartels.

(PG-13) (3:00) TNT: Sun.

12:30 P.M., 1 A.M., WGN: Fri.

7 P.M., Sat.

2 P.M.

(CC)� The Cobweb '55.

Richard Widmark.

The director of a psychiatric clinic presides over the crisis of selecting new curtains for the library.

(NR) (2:15) TCM: Thu.

2:15 A.M.

(CC)� Cocoon: The Return '88.

Don Ameche.

Oldsters Art, Ben, Joe and their wives leave utopian Antarea to rescue cocoons in St.

Petersburg, Fla.

(PG) (2:00) ENC: Mon.

10:30 A.M.

(CC)� Cold Mountain '03.

Jude Law.

A Confederate soldier tries to reach his sweetheart.

(R) (3:30) WE: Sat.

1 P.M., 1 A.M.� College Road Trip '08.

Martin Lawrence.

A cop accompanies his daughter on a trip to visit the colleges to which she is applying.

(G) (1:25) ENC: Mon.

9:05 A.M., 10 P.M., Tue.

6:10 A.M.

(CC)� The Color of Freedom '07.

Joseph Fiennes.

Friendship evolves between imprisoned Nelson Mandela and his warden, James Gregory.

(R) (2:00) SHO: Sun.

12:30 P.M., Sat.

9:45 A.M.

(CC)� Command Decision '48.

Clark Gable.

A U.S.

general and his superior take heat for sending bombers to Germany to destroy aircraft plants.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Wed.

4 A.M.

(CC)� Congo '95.

Dylan Walsh.

Killer gorillas menace an ex-CIA agent, a primatologist and others on a mission in Africa.

(PG-13) (1:50) MAX: Sat.

4:30 P.M.

(CC)� Conjurer '08.

Andrew Bowen.

An art photographer and his wife move to a rural farmhouse that is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a sorceress.

(PG-13) (1:30) TMC: Wed.

7:50 A.M.� The Corruptor '99.

Chow Yun-Fat.

An NYPD recruit and his superior work to dampen the war between Triads and Dragons in Chinatown.

(R) (2:30) FX: Fri.

midnight, Sat.

9:30 A.M.� The Couple '04.

Martin Landau.

A wealthy Jewish industrialist agrees to give all his possessions to the Nazis to save his extended family and himself.

(PG-13) (2:00) TMC: Thu.

6 A.M.

(CC)� Courage Under Fire '96.

Denzel Washington.

A troubled officer reviews the Medal of Honor candidacy of a female helicopter pilot killed during the Gulf War.

(R) (2:00) MAX: Fri.

5 A.M.

(CC)� Cradle 2 the Grave '03.

Jet Li.

A Taiwanese intelligence agent and a thief try to recover stolen diamonds and the latter's kidnapped daughter.

(R) (2:00) FX: Sun.

noon.� The Craft '96.

Robin Tunney.

Teen misfits befriend a suicidal newcomer and strike back at tormentors with witchcraft in Los Angeles.

(R) (1:45) ENC: Fri.

11:05 A.M., 12:35 A.M.

(CC)� Crashing '07.

Campbell Scott.

A middle-aged author cures his writer's block by sleeping with two collegians.

(R) (1:25) SHO: Mon.

2:35 A.M.

(CC)� Crisis '50.

Cary Grant.

Soldiers kidnap a U.S.

surgeon and his wife and force him to operate on a Latin dictator's brain.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun.

midnight (CC)� Crossfire '47.

Robert Young.

A GI helps a pipe-smoking detective trap an anti-Semitic soldier for murder.

(NR) (1:30) TCM: Thu.

noon (CC)� The Curse of the Jade Scorpion '01.

Woody Allen.

After making an insurance investigator fall for an efficiency expert, a hypnotist forces the guy to steal jewels.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Tue.

7 A.M.

(CC)D� Daddy Day Camp '07.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Chaos reigns when two clueless fathers take charge of a dilapidated summer camp and its ill-behaved attendees.

(PG) (1:30) ENC: Thu.

4:35 A.M.

(CC)� Damn the Defiant! '62.

Alec Guinness.

The 18th-century captain of the H.M.S.

Defiant finds the mate has driven the men to mutiny.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Mon.

4 A.M.� The Darjeeling Limited '07.

Owen Wilson.

A man tries to re-establish family ties by taking his two younger brothers on a train trip across India.

(R) (1:35) HBO: Sat.

5 A.M.

(CC)� Dark Asylum '01.

Paulina Porizkova.

A psychiatrist plays cat-and-mouse with the deranged killer with whom she is trapped in a nearly deserted asylum.

(R) (1:40) MAX: Sun.

1:35 A.M.

(CC)� Darling '65.

Julie Christie.

A British model gravitates toward one unfulfilling love affair after another and, eventually becomes an Italian princess.

(NR) (2:30) TCM: Mon.

1:30 A.M.

(CC)� Dave '93.

Kevin Kline.

White House aides draft a down-to-earth double to impersonate the president, who has had a stroke.

(PG-13) (2:30) LIFE: Thu.

9 P.M.

(CC)� The Day After Tomorrow '04.

Dennis Quaid.

A climatologist tries to locate his son after global warming leads to worldwide natural disasters.

(PG-13) (2:30) FX: Sun.

9 P.M., Mon.

5:30 P.M.� The Dead Girl '06.

Toni Collette.

In a quintet of stories, the murder of a young runaway connects a group of unrelated women.

(R) (1:45) TMC: Thu.

3:15 A.M.� The Dead One '07.

Wilmer Valderrama.

A man dies, and an Aztec god reanimates him as a slave.

(PG-13) (1:30) TMC: Sat.

10:30 P.M., 1:25 A.M.� The Deal '08.

William H.


A movie is on hold until its star can be rescued.

(R) (1:45) SHO: Wed.

8 A.M., 10 P.M.� Dear God '96.

Greg Kinnear.

Good deeds become contagious after a postal worker answers a desperate letter to the Almighty.

(PG) (1:55) MAX: Mon.

3:10 A.M.

(CC)� Death at a Funeral '07.

Matthew MacFadyen.

Secret revelations and chaos reign when members of a dysfunctional British family gather to lay their patriarch to rest.

(R) (1:30) SHO: Wed.

6:30 A.M.

(CC)� Death Race '08.

Jason Statham.

Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, a three-time speedway champion must compete in a brutal auto race in which the penalty for losing is death.

(R) (1:45) MAX: Wed.

6:15 P.M., 1:10 A.M.

(CC)� Destry '55.

Audie Murphy.

A new deputy must prove himself after becoming the object of ridicule for refusing to carry a gun.

(NR) (2:15) AMC: Sat.

9:15 A.M.

(CC)� Diamonds Are Forever '71.

Sean Connery.

James Bond, Agent 007, saves the world from Blofeld's space laser and bikini-clad amazons Bambi and Thumper.

(PG) (2:30) USA: Wed.

midnight (CC)� Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star '03.

David Spade.

Hoping to make a comeback, a man stays with a suburban family to prepare for the lead role in a Rob Reiner film.

(PG-13) (2:00) TBS: Tue.

1 A.M., Wed.

10 A.M.

(CC)� Dirty Dancing '87.

Jennifer Grey.

A doctor's teenage daughter gets slinky with the dance teacher at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963.

(PG-13) (2:00) WE: Sat.

7 P.M.� Do You Know Me '09.

Rachelle Lefevre.

A shocking secret from the past jeopardizes the life of a young woman.

(NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sat.

9 P.M.

(CC)� Doctor at Large '57.

Dirk Bogarde.

A young doctor blunders his way into a position as a surgeon on a hospital staff over the protests of the superintendent.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Mon.

3 P.M.� Doctor in Distress '64.

Dirk Bogarde.

A grumpy, irascible chief surgeon finds his life and outlook changed when he falls in love.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Mon.

4:45 P.M.� Doctor in the House '54.

Dirk Bogarde.

The first in the British movie series finds medical students intent on examining women and becoming wealthy physicians.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Mon.

1:15 P.M.� Dr.

Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas '00.

Jim Carrey.

A curmudgeon living atop Mount Crumpit sets out to quash the yuletide preparations of the Christmas-loving Whos of Whoville.

Anthony Hopkins narrates.

(PG) (1:45) ENC: Sun.

6:15 P.M.

(CC)� Dr.

T & the Women '00.

Richard Gere.

A renowned gynecologist falls in love with a golf pro, as his wife regresses into childishness and his daughter prepares for her wedding.

(R) (2:05) SHO: Mon.

noon, 12:30 A.M., Thu.

6 P.M.� The Dog Problem '06.

Giovanni Ribisi.

Emotionally troubled and heavily in debt, a man follows his therapist's advice and buys a dog for companionship.

(R) (1:30) SHO: Thu.

10:30 A.M.� Don't Bother to Knock '52.

Richard Widmark.

An airline pilot flirts with a hotel baby-sitter before realizing she is deranged.

(NR) (1:45) AMC: Fri.

7 A.M.

(CC)� Don't Say a Word '01.

Michael Douglas.

A desperate psychiatrist must get a patient to give him information that will convince a kidnapper to free the doctor's kidnapped daughter.

(R) (1:55) MAX: Fri.

1:40 A.M.

(CC)� Doom '05.

The Rock.

Soldiers use heavy firepower to battle mutants at a high-tech research facility on Mars.

(R) (2:10) TBS: Thu.

10 P.M., Fri.

10 A.M.

(CC)� The Door in the Floor '04.

Jeff Bridges.

A children's author seduces women when painting their nude portraits, while his wife has an affair with a teen.

(R) (2:00) TNT: Fri.

4 A.M.

(CC)� Double Teamed '02.

Poppi Monroe.

Twins Heather and Heidi Burge develop a rivalry in high school and make it to the WNBA.

(1:45) DIS: Sat.

noon (CC)� Dragon Wars '07.

Jason Behr.

A reporter discovers that the ancient and destructive Imoogi have returned to Earth, and the only way to stop them lies with a young woman who has a strange condition.

Based on a Korean legend.

(PG-13) (2:00) SYFY: Sun.

4 P.M.� Driven '01.

Sylvester Stallone.

A former racer returns to the sport to help a rising star.

(PG-13) (2:00) MAX: Mon.

2:30 P.M.

(CC)E� Easy Money '83.

Rodney Dangerfield.

Photographer Monty will be rich from his late mother-in-law's estate if he can curb his vices for a year.

(R) (1:35) MAX: Mon.

11 A.M.

(CC)� La Edad de la Peseta '06.

Mercedes Sampietro.

In 1958 Havana a 10-year-old falls for a local film star and helps his grandmother with her photography business.

(NR) (1:35) MAX: Mon.

5:05 A.M.� Edge of the City '57.

John Cassavetes.

A labor boss harasses a longshoreman and his fugitive white friend.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri.

2 A.M.� Edward, My Son '49.

Spencer Tracy.

A businessman's desire to protect his corrupt son's fortune leads to tragedy in this adaptation of the British play.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat.

2:30 A.M.

(CC)� Ella Enchanted '04.

Anne Hathaway.

A young woman embarks on a journey to break the curse of obedience placed upon her by a fairy godmother.

(PG) (2:00) DIS: Sun.

noon (CC)� Employee of the Month '06.

Dane Cook.

The chance of a date with a beautiful new cashier sends two store clerks into fierce competition for a coveted award.

(PG-13) (2:30) COMEDY: Sun.

4:30 P.M.

(CC)� Enchanted '07.

Amy Adams.

Live action/animated.

Banished by an evil queen, a princess from a fairy-tale world lands in modern Manhattan, where music, magic and "happily ever after" are sorely lacking.

(PG) (1:55) STZ: Mon.

6:25 A.M., 9 P.M., 1:45 A.M.

(CC)� The End of the Affair '55.

Deborah Kerr.

A civil servant's wife in wartime London vows to leave her injured lover if he recovers.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat.

6 A.M.

(CC)� Enemy of the State '98.

Will Smith.

A former NSA operative aids the innocent victim of a politically motivated assassination cover-up.

(R) (2:15) ENC: Wed.

10:35 A.M., 8 P.M., Sat.

3:35 P.M.

(CC)� Enough '02.

Jennifer Lopez.

After running away fails, a terrified woman empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband.

(PG-13) (2:00) TNT: Sat.

10:45 P.M.

(CC)� Epic Movie '07.

Kal Penn.

Four adult orphans have an incredible adventure in a spoof of blockbuster and fantasy films.

(PG-13) (2:00) FX: Tue.

8 P.M., Wed.

6 P.M., Sat.

10:30 P.M.� The Erotic Traveler 3: Naked Pearls '07.

A compilation of episodes from the erotic series.

(1:35) MAX: Fri.

12:05 A.M.

(CC)� Esther Waters '48.

Kathleen Ryan.

In the 1800s in England, a devilish lady-charmer becomes a popular figure on the racetrack circuits.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Mon.

6 A.M.� Every Girl Should Be Married '48.

Cary Grant.

An ambitious saleswoman with matrimonial intentions sets her sights on an eligible pediatrician.

(NR) (1:30) TCM: Sun.

7:30 A.M.

(CC)� Evolution '01.

David Duchovny.

A former government scientist teaching at an Arizona community college discovers rapidly developing organisms on a meteor.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Thu.

4:15 P.M.

(CC)� Executive Decision '96.

Kurt Russell.

A commando squad must conduct a midair assault upon a hijacked plane loaded with terrorists and a deadly nerve gas.

(R) (2:15) ENC: Sun.

4 P.M.

(CC)� Exit Wounds '01.

Steven Seagal.

A tough Detroit policeman lands in a new precinct and discovers a rogue group of cops who run a drug ring.

(R) (1:45) HBO: Sun.

4 A.M.

(CC)� The Express '08.

Dennis Quaid.

Ernie Davis overcomes poverty and prejudice to win college football's Heisman Trophy in 1961.

(PG) (2:15) HBO: Sat.

8 P.M., 12:15 A.M.

(CC)� An Extremely Goofy Movie '00.

Voices of Bill Farmer.


To his son Max's mortification, Goofy enrolls in the same college and brings disco fever to campus.

(G) (1:30) DIS: Wed.

8 P.M., Thu.

noon (CC)F� Falling Down '93.

Michael Douglas.

An unemployed defense worker goes on an armed rampage on a Los Angeles police detective's last day of work.

(R) (2:00) ENC: Thu.

1 A.M.

(CC)� Fantastic Voyage '66.

Stephen Boyd.

A surgical task force is reduced to microbe size to perform a delicate operation inside the brain of a dying scientist.

(PG) (2:00) SYFY: Sat.

9:30 A.M.� Father Goose '65.

Cary Grant.

A stranded French teacher and her girls join an island beach bum paid in booze to spot enemy planes.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun.

4 P.M.

(CC)� Ferris Bueller's Day Off '86.

Matthew Broderick.

A brash teen and his friends have an adventure in Chicago.

(PG-13) (2:30) AMC: Wed.

1 P.M.

(CC)� The Fifth Element '97.

Bruce Willis.

A New York City cabdriver tries to save 2259 Earth from impact with an onrushing anti-life force.

(PG-13) (2:15) MAX: Tue.

4:15 P.M., 12:05 A.M.

(CC)� Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within '01.

Voices of Ming-Na.


With help from a ragtag team of soldiers, a scientist makes a last stand on Earth against an invasion by phantoms.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Sat.

2:45 P.M.

(CC)� Fire Serpent '07.

Nicholas Brendon.

A veteran firefighter tries to convince others about a creature spawned by the sun.

(R) (2:00) SYFY: Sat.

3 A.M.� First Sunday '08.

Ice Cube.

Bumbling thieves decide to rob a church to raise some much-needed cash, but they discover that someone else has already beaten them to the punch.

(PG-13) (1:40) ENC: Tue.

7:35 A.M., 4:30 P.M.

(CC)� Fling '08.

Brandon Routh.

Incidents at a wedding prompt a couple to experiment with an open relationship.

(R) (1:45) SHO: Wed.

11:45 P.M.� The Fly '86.

Jeff Goldblum.

David Cronenberg's remake of the 1958 classic about a botched experiment that transmutes a man into a monstrous insect.

(R) (2:00) AMC: Fri.

1:30 A.M.

(CC)� The Fly II '89.

Eric Stoltz.

The genius son of "The Fly" loves a researcher and mutates at the laboratory of an evil tycoon.

(R) (2:15) AMC: Fri.

3:30 A.M.

(CC)� Fools Rush In '97.

Matthew Perry.

A New York WASP and a feisty Latina wed when a one-night fling leaves her pregnant.

(PG-13) (1:55) MAX: Mon.

7:05 A.M., STZ: Sat.

10:10 A.M.

(CC)� For Love of the Game '99.

Kevin Costner.

An aging pitcher learns that he will soon lose his girlfriend and his spot with the Detroit Tigers.

(PG-13) (3:00) AMC: Fri.

8 P.M., Sat.

5 P.M.

(CC)� For the Love of a Child '06.

Peri Gilpin.

Two American actresses, Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, found an organization to help orphans and abused children.

(NR) (2:00) LIFE: Sat.

5 P.M.

(CC)� For Your Eyes Only '81.

Roger Moore.

Agent 007 skis the Alps, skin-dives in Greece and hunts spies with the daughter of a slain agent.

(PG) (3:00) USA: Mon.

8:30 A.M.

(CC)� Forbidden Fantasies '05.

Brooke Hunter.

A sexy filmmaker shoots a documentary about a sinful madam.

(NR) (1:30) TMC: Tue.

3:15 A.M.

(CC)� Forbidden Lies '07.

A dramatized documentary investigates the veracity of author Norma Khouri.

(NR) (1:50) SHO: Tue.

6 P.M., Sat.

1:45 P.M.� Forbidden Lust '02.

Mandy Fisher.

Two detectives look for clues in the case of a beautiful woman who has married and buried a series of rich husbands.

(NR) (1:30) TMC: Mon.

3 A.M.

(CC)� Forbidden Science: Endless Possibilities '09.

A compilation of episodes from the erotic series about the future.

(2:00) MAX: Sat.

12:15 A.M.

(CC)� Force 10 From Navarone '78.

Robert Shaw.

A British major and a U.S.

colonel lead commandos sent to blow up a Yugoslav bridge the Nazis need.

(PG) (3:00) AMC: Thu.

7:30 A.M.

(CC)� Forgetting Sarah Marshall '08.

Jason Segel.

In Hawaii struggling to get over a bad breakup, a musician encounters his former lover and her new boyfriend.

(R) (1:55) MAX: Thu.

12:35 A.M.

(CC)� Formula 51 '01.

Samuel L.


A chemist who produces illegal drugs travels to Liverpool, England, to negotiate one last deal before he retires.

(R) (2:00) USA: Sun.

2 A.M.

(CC)� Forsaking All Others '34.

Clark Gable.

A young socialite stranded at the altar is helped by a secret admirer to discover the truth about her lost lover.

(NR) (1:30) TCM: Wed.

5 P.M.� Foxes '80.

Jodie Foster.

A San Fernando Valley Girl tries to keep her friends out of trouble and away from sex and drugs.

(R) (2:00) TMC: Thu.

8 A.M.� Fred Claus '07.

Vince Vaughn.

The yuletide season brings headaches for Santa Claus, who bails his ne'er-do-well brother Fred out of trouble and puts him to work in his factory.

(PG) (2:00) MAX: Mon.

4:30 P.M.

(CC)� Frequency '00.

Dennis Quaid.

A policeman tries to alter the past after making radio contact with his father, a firefighter who died 30 years earlier.

(PG-13) (2:00) ENC: Fri.

9:05 A.M.

(CC)� From Here to Eternity '53.

Burt Lancaster.

While Japanese attack looms, an Army sergeant, a former boxer and an officer's wife become entangled with others at a Pearl Harbor base.

(NR) (2:15) TCM: Sat.

10:15 P.M.

(CC)� Frozen River '08.

Melissa Leo.

A financially strapped mother joins a Mohawk woman to smuggle immigrants into the U.S.

(R) (1:45) STZ: Mon.

12:45 P.M.

(CC)� Funny Money '06.

Chevy Chase.

Henry runs into trouble with his wife, a good and bad cop, and Mr.

Big after accidentally trading his briefcase for one with a million dollars inside.

(R) (1:45) TMC: Sun.

10:15 A.M.� Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus '06.

Nicole Kidman.

A mysterious neighbor inspires fledgling photographer Diane Arbus to challenge accepted notions of beauty and ugliness through her work.

(R) (2:05) MAX: Sun.

5 A.M.

(CC)� FX2: The Deadly Art of Illusion '91.

Bryan Brown.

A former movie special-effects man uses tricks of the trade to expose corruption with a private eye.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Mon.

6:30 P.M.

(CC)G� The Game Plan '07.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

A star football player tries to juggle his carefree lifestyle, his team's bid for the championship and the needs of his newly discovered young daughter.

(PG) (2:00) STZ: Sun.

8:15 A.M., 9 P.M.

(CC)� Garfield's Fun Fest '08.

Voices of Frank Welker.


The fat cat faces a serious threat at an annual competition for funniest comic strip.

(NR) (2:00) TOON: Thu.

11 A.M.� Get Shorty '95.

John Travolta.

A film-loving loan shark teams with a B-movie producer to become a Hollywood mogul.

(R) (2:00) AMC: Tue.

8 P.M., Wed.

6 P.M.

(CC)� Get Smart '08.

Steve Carell.

Agent Maxwell Smart brings enthusiasm and ineptitude to the battle against KAOS.

(PG-13) (1:50) MAX: Tue.

8:45 A.M., Sat.

6:20 P.M.

(CC)� Ghost Town '08.

Ricky Gervais.

A man who sees spirits finally agrees to a persistent request by one of them to sabotage the impending marriage of his widow.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Sun.

1:05 P.M.

(CC)� Ghosts of Mississippi '96.

Alec Baldwin.

A Mississippi prosecutor and the widow of Medgar Evers crusade to retry a white racist for the 1963 murder of the NAACP leader.

(PG-13) (2:15) HBO: Tue.

8:15 A.M.

(CC)� The Glass Wall '53.

Vittorio Gassman.

An illegal alien facing deportation escapes to seek aid from a musician he once hid from the Nazis.

(NR) (1:30) TCM: Thu.

3 P.M.� God Said, Ha! '98.

Julia Sweeney.

Julia Sweeney gives a one-woman account of her brother's terminal cancer and her bout with cervical cancer.

(PG-13) (1:30) SHO: Fri.

9:30 A.M.� Good Dick '08.

Tom Arnold.

A young clerk vies for the attention of a shy girl.

(R) (1:30) TMC: Wed.

8 P.M., 4:30 A.M.

(CC)� Good Luck Chuck '07.

Dane Cook.

After meeting the woman of his dreams, a dentist must find a way to break a curse that causes each of his ex-lovers to find true love with her next boyfriend.

(R) (1:45) TMC: Tue.

1:30 A.M., Sat.

2:55 A.M.� Gospel Hill '08.

Chloe Bailey.

Two men confront their shared past.

(NR) (1:40) TMC: Mon.

10 P.M.� Graduation Week '99.

Andrea Ferrell.

Three nominees for a prestigious college prize each grapple with inner demons on the eve of their graduation.

(R) (1:35) TMC: Fri.

1:10 A.M.

(CC)� The Great Debaters '07.

Denzel Washington.

In 1930s Texas, Mel Tolson inspires students at a predominately black college to form a debate team and strive for the national championship.

(PG-13) (2:15) SHO: Sun.

10:15 A.M., Wed.

4:45 P.M., 5 A.M.

(CC)� The Great Raid '05.

Benjamin Bratt.

In 1944 Lt.


Henry Mucci leads a U.S.

battalion to rescue more than 500 prisoners of war from a Japanese camp.

(R) (2:00) WGN: Sun.

1 P.M.

(CC)� The Greatest Show on Earth '52.

Betty Hutton.

A high-wire artist, the girlfriend of a circus manager, falls for a French aerialist.

(NR) (2:45) TCM: Thu.

11:30 P.M.

(CC)� Green Mansions '59.

Audrey Hepburn.

While hiding in the Venezuelan jungle, a young political refugee falls in love with Rima the "Bird Girl." (NR) (1:45) TCM: Tue.

4:15 A.M.� Gregory's Girl '82.

Gordon John Sinclair.

A goofy Scottish teenager has a crush on his pretty soccer teammate.

(PG) (1:30) SHO: Tue.

5 A.M.

(CC)� Grosse Pointe Blank '97.

John Cusack.

A hit man returns to his hometown for a high-school reunion and meets the prom date he stood up years before.

(R) (1:50) ENC: Sun.

12:10 A.M.

(CC)� The Guardian '06.

Kevin Costner.

A trainer in a Coast Guard program for rescue swimmers turns a cocky recruit into his protege and takes him on a mission to the Bering Strait.

(PG-13) (1:35) MAX: Wed.

3:30 A.M.

(CC)� Guess Who's Coming to Dinner '67.

Spencer Tracy.

Parents get to meet their daughter's partner in biracial marriage.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Fri.

4 P.M.

(CC)� Gun Shy '00.

Liam Neeson.

A therapist helps a legendary agent who has lost his nerve but must fulfill one final obligation before retiring.

(R) (2:00) AMC: Wed.

6 A.M.

(CC)H� Hackers '95.

Jonny Lee Miller.

A master hacker unites teen computer freaks against an embezzling computer-security agent known as the Plague.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Fri.

4:30 P.M.

(CC)� Halloween '07.

Malcolm McDowell.

A psychiatrist follows an escaped psychopath's blood-soaked trail back to his hometown.

(R) (2:00) TMC: Sun.

9 P.M., Wed.

12:45 A.M.

(CC)� Hangin' With the Homeboys '91.

Doug E.


Four bored South Bronx teens spend an eye-opening Friday evening cruising the streets and clubs of Manhattan.

(R) (2:00) COMEDY: Wed.

4:30 P.M., Thu.

10 A.M.

(CC)� Happy Feet '06.

Voices of Elijah Wood.


Born without the ability to sing, a young emperor penguin expresses himself and hopes to attract a mate through his amazing dancing talent.

(PG) (2:30) ABCFAM: Thu.

7:30 P.M.

(CC)� Happy Gilmore '96.

Adam Sandler.

A powerful swing convinces a hockey player he can join the PGA tour and win back his grandmother's repossessed house.

(PG-13) (1:35) ENC: Tue.

9:15 A.M., 10:10 P.M.

(CC)� Happy-Go-Lucky '08.

Sally Hawkins.

A British schoolteacher fills her life with enthusiasm and compassion.

(R) (2:05) STZ: Sun.

4 A.M.

(CC)� The Hard Corps '06.

Jean-Claude Van Damme.

A former soldier must protect an entrepreneur who testified against an ex-convict now seeking revenge.

(R) (2:00) USA: Thu.

2 A.M.

(CC)� Harlem Nights '89.

Eddie Murphy.

Business partners sting a white mobster trying to take over their nightclub in 1930s Harlem.

(R) (2:00) MAX: Thu.

10 P.M.

(CC)� Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man '91.

Mickey Rourke.

Two cowboy bikers rob a corrupt bank to save a friend's bar from foreclosure in 1996 California.

(R) (1:45) TMC: Fri.

8 A.M., 4:25 P.M.� Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay '08.

Kal Penn.

After the high-flying stoners try to smuggle a bong aboard a flight to Amsterdam, the two find themselves in jail on charges of terrorism.

(R) (1:45) MAX: Thu.

6 P.M.

(CC)� Hatching Pete '09.

Jason Dolley.

A teenager becomes a big hit when he dons a chicken suit to become a high-school mascot.

(NR) (1:40) DIS: Sun.

9 P.M., Mon.

noon.� The Haunted Mansion '03.

Eddie Murphy.

A real estate agent and his family encounter ghosts in an old New Orleans house on a remote bayou.

(PG) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat.

2 P.M.

(CC)� Hav Plenty '97.

Chenoa Maxwell.

A wealthy young woman invites a friend, an aspiring New York novelist, to her family's home for New Year's Eve.

(R) (1:30) SHO: Thu.

2 P.M.� The Heartbreak Kid '07.

Ben Stiller.

After his new bride reveals her nasty nature, a man meets the woman who may be his real soulmate and tries to woo her.

(R) (2:00) MAX: Sun.

10 P.M., Fri.

12:30 P.M.

(CC)� Heavens Fall '06.

Timothy Hutton.

In 1931 a New York defense lawyer comes to the aid of nine black men accused of raping two white women in the South.

(PG-13) (1:45) TMC: Tue.

7:45 A.M.

(CC)� Hellboy '04.

Ron Perlman.

The son of the devil helps a top-secret organization investigate and destroy paranormal creatures.

(PG-13) (2:30) FX: Sun.

4 P.M.� Hercules '97.

Voices of Tate Donovan.


The half-mortal strongman must become a hero to rejoin the gods on Mount Olympus.

Charlton Heston narrates.

(G) (2:00) ABCFAM: Sat.

4 P.M.

(CC)� Highlander '86.

Christopher Lambert.

A New Yorker beheads a swordsman in a parking lot, continuing a battle of immortals.

(R) (2:30) AMC: Sun.

10:30 A.M., 2 A.M.

(CC)� Highlander: The Source '07.

Adrian Paul.

Duncan MacLeod and a group of companions embark on a quest to discover the origin of their immortality.

(R) (2:00) SYFY: Sun.

11:30 P.M.

(CC)� History of the World: Part I '81.

Mel Brooks.

Bawdy segments include the dawn of man, Moses, Nero.

(R) (2:00) AMC: Sun.

1 P.M., Thu.

3 A.M., Fri.

11 A.M.

(CC)� Hollow Man 2 '06.

Christian Slater.

A Seattle detective pursues an invisible killer.

(R) (1:45) SHO: Fri.

2:30 A.M.

(CC)� Home Alone 3 '97.

Alex D.


A clever boy stymies spies seeking a toy car with a top-secret computer chip hidden inside.

(PG) (2:00) TOON: Sun.

7 P.M., Wed.

11 A.M., Fri.

7 P.M.� Hostel Part II '07.

Lauren German.

Three American women traveling abroad take a weekend excursion and become pawns in a grisly game designed to entertain privileged deviants.

(R) (1:35) SHO: Sun.

12:30 A.M., Thu.

12:30 A.M.� Hot Fuzz '07.

Simon Pegg.

A British constable feels certain foul play is afoot when a series of grisly accidents rocks his quiet village.

(R) (2:00) COMEDY: Sat.

10 P.M.

(CC)� Hot Rod '07.

Andy Samberg.

An accident-prone daredevil plans an outrageous stunt to raise money for lifesaving surgery for his abusive stepfather.

(PG-13) (1:30) TMC: Thu.

10:05 P.M.� Hot Shots! Part Deux '93.

Charlie Sheen.

The government recruits a parody of a commando for a rescue mission after Operation Desert Storm.

(PG-13) (1:30) ENC: Wed.

12:50 P.M.

(CC)� House of Flying Daggers '04.

Takeshi Kaneshiro.

During the Tang dynasty, two lawmen go under cover at a house of pleasure to shake loose the leader of a powerful rebel faction.

(PG-13) (2:30) SPIKE: Sun.

1:30 A.M.� Houseboat '58.

Cary Grant.

A lawyer with three children lives on a houseboat with an Italian symphony conductor's daughter as his maid.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sun.

10 P.M.

(CC)� The Hucksters '47.

Clark Gable.

A World War II veteran rejoins Madison Avenue and plays dirty for a ruthless soap tycoon.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat.

12:30 A.M.

(CC)� The Hurricane '99.

Denzel Washington.

Aided by a Brooklyn teen and three Canadians, boxer Rubin Carter fights to be exonerated after long imprisonment for murders he did not commit.

(R) (2:30) ENC: Wed.

2:35 A.M.

(CC)I� I Got the Hook-Up '98.

Master P.

Gangsters, dissatisfied customers and the FBI pursue two Los Angeles punks selling cellular phones from their van.

(R) (2:00) BET: Sat.

8 P.M.� I Know Who Killed Me '07.

Lindsay Lohan.

After an ordeal with a sadistic kidnapper, a young woman claims to be someone else, leading some to wonder if she is ill, lying or telling a bizarre truth.

(R) (1:50) ENC: Sun.

2 A.M.

(CC)� I Love Trouble '94.

Julia Roberts.

Sparks fly between rival Chicago reporters chasing down a story that starts with a train wreck.

(PG) (2:00) LIFE: Sun.

11 A.M.

(CC)� I See a Dark Stranger '46.

Deborah Kerr.

A young Irish woman's hatred for the British leads to her involvement with Nazi spies.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Sat.

12:30 P.M.� Idiot's Delight '39.

Clark Gable.

A vaudevillian and his former love are among those stranded in a hotel at the onset of World War II.

(NR) (2:00) TCM: Wed.

3 P.M.

(CC)� If Looks Could Kill '91.

Richard Grieco.

A teenager finds more than he bargained for during his French sojourn when spies mistake him for a secret agent.

(PG-13) (1:30) ENC: Sat.

4:20 A.M.

(CC)� Illegal Tender '07.

Rick Gonzalez.

Mother and son join forces against murderous gangsters.

(R) (1:50) MAX: Thu.

12:40 P.M.

(CC)� In a Lonely Place '50.

Humphrey Bogart.

A bungalow neighbor alibis a boozing Hollywood screenwriter accused of murder.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu.

8 P.M.

(CC)� In the Army Now '94.

Pauly Shore.

Soon after joining the Reserves, two buddies are called to active duty in Africa.

(PG) (2:15) CMT: Fri.

11:15 P.M., Sat.

3:30 P.M.� The Incredible Hulk '08.

Edward Norton.

As Bruce Banner seeks a cure for his affliction, a powerful enemy arises.

(PG-13) (2:00) HBO: Mon.

3:30 P.M., 4:35 A.M., Wed.

8 A.M., 7 P.M.

(CC)� Into the Sun '05.

Steven Seagal.

A former CIA agent uncovers a deadly plot while searching for the men responsible for an assassination and a kidnapping.

(R) (2:00) USA: Tue.

2 A.M.

(CC)� Intolerable Cruelty '03.

George Clooney.

A successful Los Angeles attorney matches wits with an attractive woman who marries men for their money.

(PG-13) (2:00) LIFE: Sun.

1 P.M.

(CC)� It Could Happen to You '94.

Nicolas Cage.

A New York policeman keeps his promise to split a $4 million lottery prize with a waitress, but his wife objects.

(PG) (2:15) AMC: Tue.

10:15 A.M.

(CC)� It Happened in Brooklyn '47.

Frank Sinatra.

A returned GI, a British nobleman, a school janitor and a teacher make music together.

(NR) (1:45) TCM: Thu.

7:15 A.M.

(CC)J� Jackie Chan's First Strike '96.

Jackie Chan.

A CIA operative goes under cover to find a former agent selling nuclear secrets to the Russians.

(PG-13) (2:00) FX: Thu.

10 A.M., Fri.

8 A.M.� Jackie Chan's Who Am I? '98.

Jackie Chan.

Taken in by a South African tribe, an amnesiac U.S.

commando faces danger as he seeks his identity.

(PG-13) (2:00) FX: Fri.

10 A.M.� Jam '06.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Tensions rise among travelers when a car accident leads to a traffic jam on a rural highway.

(NR) (1:35) TMC: Sun.

2 P.M., Thu.

3:15 P.M.� The Jane Austen Book Club '07.

Maria Bello.

In a book club devoted to the author's works, several people discover that their own lives closely parallel themes found in Austen's prose.

(PG-13) (1:55) ENC: Sun.

5:35 A.M.

(CC)� Jaws '75.

Roy Scheider.

A New England police chief, a shark hunter and a scientist have a showdown with a huge white shark.

(PG) (2:05) MAX: Sun.

11 A.M.

(CC)� The Jerk '79.

Steve Martin.

A simpleton leaves his foster family, acquires a girlfriend and invents slip-proof eyeglasses.

(R) (1:35) MAX: Sun.

7:30 A.M.

(CC)� Jet Li's Fearless '06.

Jet Li.

After spending time in a remote village to atone for his past, a martial artist gets caught in a duel to defend China's honor against his country's enemies.

(PG-13) (1:45) MAX: Sat.

7 A.M.

(CC)� Joe Dirt '01.

David Spade.

A goofy janitor tells a radio talk-show host about his search for the parents who abandoned him.

(PG-13) (1:45) HBO: Mon.

1:45 P.M.

(CC)� John Q '02.

Denzel Washington.

A desperate man takes hostages at a hospital in order to force doctors to save his dying son.

(PG-13) (2:30) TNT: Sat.

4:30 P.M., 3 A.M.

(CC)� Johnson Family Vacation '04.

Cedric the Entertainer.

Disaster strikes when a man takes his wife and three unruly children on a road trip from Los Angeles to Missouri.

(PG-13) (2:00) FX: Mon.

11 P.M., Tue.

10 A.M.� Journey to the Center of the Earth '08.

Brendan Fraser.

A professor and his nephew embark on an amazing journey beneath the Earth's surface.

(PG) (1:35) MAX: Sun.

5 P.M.

(CC)� Judgment Night '93.

Emilio Estevez.

On their way to a boxing match, four young men take a wrong turn in Chicago and find danger as witnesses to murder.

(R) (1:50) ENC: Sat.

2:30 A.M.

(CC)� Julius Caesar '53.

Marlon Brando.

Shakespeare's Brutu

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