Channon Christian

This Dec.

31, 2006 family photo shows Channon Christian, right, and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom, both of Knovxville, Tenn.

The couple was carjacked, raped and slain Jan.

6-8, 2007, in Knoxville.

The first of four defendants charged in their deaths, Letalvis Cobbins, stands trial beginning Monday, Aug.

17, 2009, in Knoxville.

(AP Photo/Christian Family photo)

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By Angel on April 13, 2010

This story sadly ends on a note that NO ONE parent wants to hear!Their child gone!The life taken from them and everyone their child knew an loved them.The whole thing made me so much more aware that no matter WHERE you live,evil really is ALL around!I have 4 boys and keep them close.Even though the oldest is 21.The next 18 then 17,then 16.It scares me so that every time they go out now I am calling within the hour to make sure everything is ok.I can't even imagine the feeling of loss these parents must feel.I have tried to imagine,and can't even get half way thru a thought of losing my boys!ANY OF THEM!ESPECIALLY in such a way that makes it even that much harder to bear!I truly do hope however that the parents of these children do NOT think for a minute that these animals have gotten away with a thing.I knw that it is hard to hear thinking that the justice system let you down,but the Lord will see to it that they pay for what they did.Karma has its own way of coming around.My karma just happens to be the Lord.and I have total faith in him.I think about your children practically every day and pray that you find some sort of piece within you!My thoughts and prayers are with you !!

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By Howard Stern on April 14, 2010

They needed to DIE

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