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Dylan Frances Penn

Michael Vick's soul-baring session on 60 Minutes Sunday night grabbed a lot of attention in the Philadelphia area.

About 450,000 viewers across the region tuned in to hear Vick tell interviewer James Brown that he had wept tears of remorse in prison for his dog-fighting sins.

Vick's mea culpa helped make 60 Minutes the ratings leader for the night in Philly, according to Nielsen numbers provided to CBS3.

Big Brother, also on CBS3, came in second, with 233,000 viewers, followed by Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on 6ABC with an audience of 200,000 and Cold Case, on CBS3, with 189,000 viewers.

Nationally, 60 Minutes attracted 12.1 million viewers, reported the Web site for Broadcasting & Cable magazine.

The show usually draws an audience of about 8 million during the summer, according to CBS.

Credit that, at least in part, to a good lead-in - the PGA shootout between Y.E.

Yang and Tiger Woods.

- Michael D.

SchafferRobin: No going back.


Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn, who seemed born to be with each other, have sundered their troubled, if soulful, romantic links for ever.

So says Robin, 43, in the new edition of More mag.

"I hit that crossroad a while ago," she said about the couple's failed efforts to reconcile since they filed divorce papers in April '08.

"I have no regrets.

I, we, have two amazing children we raised together," Robin said, referring to daughter Dylan Frances Penn, 18, and son Hopper Jack Penn, 16.

Robin, who began dating Sean in '89, said she's made up her mind.

"There's clarity of life now," she said, adding that she is taking charge of her career after playing "follow-the-leader" for far too long.Plugging a plug which plugs a plug In the most extraordinarily overblown bit of hyperbole in the history of the English language, Fox yesterday issued a press release which plugged "an unprecedented event" so important that it will make "movie history." Whoa! Did Orson Welles rise from the dead? It's bigger: On Friday, the world will get to see a trailer for James Cameron's next blockbuster, Avatar, which is due Dec.


For locations and showtimes, visit avatarmovie.com.

May the Farce be with you.Demi, the coolest mom in the world Demi Moore is way cooler than your parents.

Would your mom give you strippers for your b-day? That's what Mrs.

Ashton Kutcher did Sunday for the 21st birthday of daughter Rumer Willis.

The party at Tao Las Vegas featured Rumer's pa, Bruce Willis, and dozens of celebs.

And, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Rumer was serenaded by an Elvis impersonator and a stripper.Beck's star is falling .



falling .



You can add GMAC Financial Services to the now gigantenormous list of companies that have yanked their ads from Glenn Beck's Fox News show.

A GMAC rep tells Media Matters that the company will continue to advertise on other Fox News shows.

On July 28, Beck accused President Barack Obama of being a racist.

Obama, Beck said, "has a deep-seated hatred for white people." The dot.org org ColorOfChange.org has been pressuring companies to dump Beck.

Last week a Fox rep told the New York Times that "the advertisers referenced have all moved their spots from Beck to other dayparts on the network, so there has been no revenue lost."'Idol' watch 2009: Paula's absence The game of musical chairs that was once Paula Abdul's career continues: People.com says American Idol, which so far has tapped Posh Spice and Mary J.

Blige to warm Paula's chair, may next snatch up country star Shania Twain, who reportedly will join Idol for its Aug.

29-31 auditions in Chicago.Supermodel hair report "Guess What! I'm rockin' my REAL hair on my talk show September 8th." So says talk show host Tyra Banks in a tweet excerpted by People.com.

(Can one excerpt a tweet?) Tyra says she's decided to give up her extensions.

"No ponytails, no ballet bun head.

hair will be out and free!" she says.Spend eternity with Marilyn Monroe Talk about a great sales pitch.

A woman named Elsie Poncher is holding an eBay auction for her husband, Richard Poncher's, burial crypt, which is located directly above Marilyn Monroe's resting place in Westwood Village Memorial Park in L.A.


Poncher tells the Los Angeles Times she needs the money to pay off a $1.6 mil mortgage.

Bidding, which ends Aug.

24, started Friday at $500,000.

As of yesterday afternoon it was at $4,501,299.

The late Mr.

Poncher will be relocated.Levi Johnston, nude cover stud? The gay soft porn mag Unzipped says it'll happily pay unemployed single dad Levi Johnston, 19, to pose nude on its cover.

The offer came after Levi, whose accomplishments include having a child with Alaska's former first daughter Bristol Palin, told Bravo's Watch What Happens Live that he'd pose nude for the right price.

(The dude seems seriously desperate to milk his 15 minutes of fame.) "As the top-selling nude men's magazine," Unzipped says in its statement, "Levi Johnston will receive a level of quality in his shoot with Unzipped that can't be found anywhere else." The mag says Levi will also have a chance to dish about his time with Bristol.

"This could clearly be a win-win for all involved," it said.

Levi has yet to respond.Everyone's mad for 'Mad Men' Mad Men, AMC's satirical drama about the golden age of advertising, is thriving: Sunday night's third-season opener had 2.8 mil viewers, says USAToday.com.

That's a 34 percent rise from the season two premiere.Remembering Cronkite again Late newsman Walter Cronkite, whose July funeral was attended by a Who's Who list of celebs, will be eulogized again at a star-studded memorial Sept.

9 at New York's Lincoln Center.

Politico.com reports that speakers will include former president Bill Clinton, Katie Couric, and CBS boss Leslie Moonves.

Not sure that Cronkite, who died July 17 at age 92, would have liked the music: Jimmy Buffett and Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart will perform.Family-friendly Heavy Metal America's favorite heavy metal-esque burlesque show, KISS, has become so beloved of the Average Joe 'n Jane that the band's next CD will be released exclusively through Warehouse retail chain Sam's Club and ultra-moralistic consumerist mecca Wal-Mart.

Due Oct.

6, the three-disc Sonic Boom will feature the epochal ensemble's first new music in 11 years, a CD of rerecorded hits, and a DVD.Contact "Sideshow" at sideshow@phillynews.com.

This column contains information from Inquirer wire services.


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