Gridiron 9

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- ´┐ŻNews of McNair's death spread quickly throughout the community.

Dozens of fans gathered outside of his new North Nashville restaurant.

Gridiron-9 ´┐Żon Jefferson Street had only been open a matter of weeks.

Many people say this is a loss that goes far beyond what Steve McNair ever did on the football field.

News of Steve McNair's death sent shock waves through the north Nashville neighborhood.

Reactions ranged from stunned to devastated and heartbroken.Gridiron 9, the eatery owned by the Titan great had only been open at it's Jefferson Street location few weeks, but the impact on this community was immeasurable.

"Oh my heart sank because he was such a proud person.

He was such a proud role model.

This was a right of passage for him to the next point in his life," said one fan.Saturday afternoon and on into the evening, people where leaving notes of remembrance.

A make-shift memorial to pay homage to a man they say was much more than simply a football star.

"We'll always love you man from the bottom of our hearts to your family to your friends who ever loved you.

We all love you...


Steve McNair," said a fan.

Whether or not Gridiron 9 will re-open is not certain

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