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MINNEAPOLIS - Stellan McKinney, the baby boy from Mound, Minn.

responsible for connecting nearly 18,000 people worldwide, has returned home.

The eight-month-old was discharged from Children's Hospital in Minneapolis on August 3rd.Stellan has been receiving prayers for his Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) since before he was born.

22 weeks into her fourth pregnancy, Jennifer McKinney learned that her baby's heart was racing, beating three times as fast as it should.

She spent five weeks in the hospital, taking medicines to slow the his heart rate.But Stellan's stubborn heart wouldn't give in.

The medicine wasn't working and he was put in intensive care.

Stellan's parents became especially worried and feared that he may have to be taken to Boston for another surgery.

The first surgery, in April helped, but did not fix his heart.Several prayers were with Stellan as his heart beat spread throughout the world.

Jennifer shared her story through a blog that she'd had for several years already.

She also started a Twitter page, on which followers could receive updates on Stellan's progress.In Twitter's allowance of 140 characters or less, Jennifer shared Stellan's trials and triumphs, from:"Dr B told us "He's in bad shape." I'm trying to hold fast.

Dr B is trying to ring Boston again.

Will you pray!??!" on July 27th, to"Stellan continues to grow increasingly toxic & sick from his meds.

He's nauseous (I think) & vomiting." on July 30th, to"Dr B just walked in and said "Goodbye, Stellan!" And there you have it.

Stellan will get discharged today!!!!!" on August 3rd.When her baby first got sick, Jennifer blogged that she named him Stellan, which means calm and peaceful.

When the news got worse, she blogged that Stellan had almost complete heart block and mild brachycranic.

These two together are nearly always fatal in an unborn baby.Within days of sharing Stellan's name with readers, a woman in England emailed a photo of Stellen's name written in sand."I thought my goal of having Stellan be known before he died had been reached even with just that one picture, that was really enough for me," Jennifer said.

"I remember thinking that's good.

And it was just the beginning."Over one thousand photos came in from places ranging from the western wall of Jerusalem to the great wall of China.

Stellan's name was written in toothpaste, vegetables, pretzels, candy, kids, and berries.

It was knitted into clothing, and even shaved into a horse's backside.An online prayer circle of over 2,000 members started baby Stellan's following kept growing."I was just amazed that they would give of their prayers to our son," Jennifer said.

"It just proved to me that there is a common thread that ties humans together."I think it's contagious in a good way," Isreail, Stellan's father, said.

"Contagious like Stellan's laughter which is the best part of the story.

Stellan survives.

The right medicine combination was found and Jennifer posted that he is "not sick anymore."Later she tweeted, "Stellan finally down for the count in HIS bed where he belongs!" clearly very pleased to have her baby back home.

And surely there are many more who are also very happy to see Baby Stellan finally doing well.

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