Plane Crash In Amsterdam

A Turkish Airlines Boeing plane has crashed coming into landing at  Amsterdam's Schiphol international airport, killing nine people and injuring 84, six critically.

The Turkish plane, carrying 128 passengers and seven crew, crashed short of the runway near the A9 highway. It broke into three pieces, but did not catch fire.

Three of those killed were crew members. Their bodies have been left in the cockpit for the investigation.

Officials said it was unclear why the plane, en route from Istanbul, crashed.

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft came down at 1031 local time (0931 GMT), several hundred yards (metres) short of the runway. It had left Istanbul's Ataturk Airport at 0622 GMT.

An official told a news conference that six people were in a critical condition and 25 were severely wounded.

Another 24 passengers had suffered light injuries, she said, with the injuries of another 31 still to be established. Eighty-four people altogether have been taken to 11 hospitals in the surrounding area.

Michel Bezuijen, mayor of the Haarlemmermeer municipality under which Schiphol airport falls, said earlier: "We cannot say anything about the cause at the moment. The priority of the authorities is providing help and care."

Candan Karlitekin, head of Turkish Airlines' board of directors, told reporters in Turkey that visibility had been good at the time of landing.

"We have checked the plane's documents and there is no problem concerning maintenance," he is quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency (AP).

Turkish Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said it had been "a miracle" that there were not more casualties, AP reports.

"The fact that the plane landed on a soft surface and that there was no fire helped keep the number of fatalities low," he said.

One passenger aboard the plane, Kerem Uzel, told Turkish news channel NTV that the plane's landing had been announced when they were at an altitude of 600m (2,000ft).

"We suddenly descended a great distance as if the plane fell into turbulence. The plane's tail hit the ground... It slid from the side of the motorway into the field."

The Turkish ambassador to the Netherlands told Anatolia news agency there were 72 Turks and 32 Dutch people on board. No details on the nationality of the other passengers were given


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