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Friday, July 31, 2009NBC'At Long Last,' Savannah Guthrie Exults [Tim Graham]Yelling at the television commenced in the Graham house during Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, as reporter Savannah Guthrie spoke for an apparently unanimous America in celebrating that "at long last," a compromise on socialized medicine was in the works:GUTHRIE: Out of Washington, the president finds himself on a mission of reassurance.WOMAN: Older American citizens would just be put out to pasture.

Please tell me that isn't so.OBAMA: It isn't so.GUTHRIE: But on Capitol Hill, at long last, progress.Rep.

MIKE ROSS (D-Ark.): I'm pleased to report that we have reached an agreement.GUTHRIE: A family feud between Democratic leaders and conservatives in the party ended with a deal making reform $100 billion cheaper and loosening demands on small business.I was half-waiting for Beyonce to start singing "At Last" from the Inaugural festivities.

I don't remember NBC reporting "At long last, progress.

The Bush tax cuts are ready to pass."07/31 05:30 PMShare

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