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Lacey Schwimmer   Category: Lacey Schwimmer Twitter
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 05:21 AM - February 23, 2010
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Lacey Schwimmer Twitter, Julianne Hough, Jonathan Roberts, Apolo Anton Ohno Dating, Derek Hough
Michael Douglas   Category: Hairy Armpits
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 03:53 PM - August 29, 2008 Location: miami
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Michael Douglas, Hairy Armpits, King Of California, Women, Girls, Dating, Sundance Film Festival
Geri Halliwell   Category: Red Faced
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 04:28 PM - September 2, 2008 Location: las vegas
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Red Faced, Single, Strictly Come Dancing, No Boyfriend, Dating
Blind Dating Blind Pokes Fun At Online Dating Movement And Its Participants   Category: Online Dating
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 03:57 PM - August 28, 2011 Location: usa, california, bellflower, 90706
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Dating, Love, Relationships, Singles, First Date
Winona Ryder Romancing With Rocker   Category: A Dating Diary
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 06:14 PM - November 28, 2008 Location: chang mai
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Winona Ryder, Blake Sennett, Dating Diary, Rilo Kiley, Ryan Adams, Dave Grohl
Sharon Stone Wants To Date Women   Category: Celebrity 's Dating Preferences
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 08:27 PM - December 11, 2008 Location: rome
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Sharon Stone, Dating Preferences, The Basic Instinct, Bisexual
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