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Sienna Miller Breaks Her Promise Again   Category: Celebrity Usual New Year Resolution
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 05:41 PM - December 19, 2008 Location: dallas
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Sienna Miller, Breaking Promises, Give Up Smoking, Factory Girl
Jim Leyland   Category: Leyland
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 06:21 AM - October 7, 2009
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Leyland, Andy Van Slyke, Gene Lamont, Fu Te Ni, Jim Leyland Smoking
Effi Barry   Category: Marion Barry
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 06:22 AM - August 11, 2009
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Marion Barry, Marion Berry, Marion Barry Smoking Crack Video, The Nine Lives Of Marion Barry, Robert Pattinson
Fatherhood Made Ben Affleck Quit Smoking   Category: Celebrities And Children
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 08:24 PM - January 3, 2009 Location: mesa
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, Quit Smoking
Matthew Broderick   Category: Sarah Jessica Parker
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 06:28 PM - September 2, 2008 Location: philadelphia
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Wilkie, Sex And The City, Carrie Bradshaw, Quit Smoking, Smoking
Liam Gallagher   Category: A Ban From His Favourite Club
Ranking: 0.0    Created at: 10:06 PM - November 4, 2008 Location: bangkok
Comments: 0 Reviews   Tags: Liam Gallagher, Oasis, The Queens Pub, Smoking
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